Size of work visa

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    Size of work visa

    Hi folks,

    Just a quick question about the HK working visa - mine is currently in progress but not back yet.

    I'm short of pages in my passport - only a couple left. What's the story with the work visa? Does it get glued across an entire page of the passport? Or do you staple it in? And how big is it?

    In short, will I need to save a whole free page for it?

    Once I have the visa, at some point I'll have to go to my embassy to get a new passport with more space. What happens then? Do I carry both passports with me from then on, or is the visa transferrable?


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    The visa sticker itself takes up slightly less than half a page, and they've always stuck mine on a new page (which gets filled by stamps later)...and yes, if your currently valid visa is put in a soon-to-be-invalid passport, you will need to carry both passports until you get the next visa sticker in your new passport.

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    Sai Kung

    actually, you can transfer your visa to your new passport saving you from having to carry both with you. i believe you just pay the $135 (or whatever the visa fee is) and it should only take a couple of hours.