How to get HK passport from PRC?

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    Smile How to get HK passport from PRC?

    hi all,

    My friend is from shenzhen and born in mianland China, holding a Chinese passport. Since 2006, she has been working in HK for almost 2 years and sounds she likes to stay few more years.

    Recently, she is trying to figure that could this be possible to apply a HK passport before 7 years limitation?

    From the immgration website, it is said,

    . Chinese citizen,
    . have the Right of Abode (ROA) in the HKSAR
    . holding a valid Hong Kong permanent identity card (PIC).

    Sure she is is qualified for the first item, and as she already has lived there for 2 years, does this mean she meets the second ROA item? well, she does not have a PIC yet, but she has a temporary ID card for a while, so if it is the case, how long for her to obtain a PIC?

    Is she only eligible to apply for passport after all of these three stuff are ready to go or any chance to stand out of it before the 7 years regulation?

    many question and many thanks.


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    She has to reside here for 7 years continuously to get the Right of Abode (and then then automatically the PIC). No way around it.