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    submitting Visa

    I need to submit my working visa application. Can anyone let me know where I need to take it? I guess its immigration tower. Where is that? How long will it take to get seen by an immigration officer? Will I need be interviewed?

    Any info would be really helpful.


    Miss Lashes

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    All of the information is on the form and the guidance notes. Not very many people handle their own applications here - the company who is sponsoring you would normally do it. Interviews are rarely necessary so there is no need for you to do all the legwork personally.

    Here for the form: (this page also has details on submitting it).

    Here for the guidance notes:

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    Immigration Tower,
    7 Gloucester Road,
    Wan Chai,
    Hong Kong.

    you need to go to the 5th floor (there is a sign board to identify which floor - just in case it has changed)

    Allow half a day, I'd take a good book.

    Worth checking the web-site mentioned above, you might be able to book appointment.

    You need to get a ticket from the counter first, and then wait for your number to be called.

    And don't forget to take the originals, eg contract, certificates, degrees, etc.

    Contrary to PDLM view, most companies provide the paper and the applicant needs to do the legwork and apply in person.

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    I agree with first poster-
    in usual circumstances your sponsoring employer would take care of all this on your behalf, or should. Tread lightly

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    why not sumbit the material by mail? Btw, the HR dep of your sponsering company should take care of all this.

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    thanks for all your help. I am going to mail it to them! Easier option!

    Thanks again