Work visa vs holiday visa vs dependent visa

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    Talking Work visa vs holiday visa vs dependent visa

    Hi guys,

    My husband has recently landed a job in HK and we are moving later in the year (wooopeee I just can't wait). Although I keep trying to work out what to do re: visa's by reading the threads I am finding it all a bit confusing and wondered if someone could lend a hand....

    1) is it really impossible to land your own work visa once you get to Hong Kong and are on a dependent visa? Has anyone had any experience of this happening? I am 25, Australian, have a Business/Marketing degree and work in Public Relations... do I have a chance?

    2) Should I try and apply for a working holiday visa, so I can at least work 3 months somewhere legally? Would I be kicked out after 12 months or could I then change to a dependent visa?

    3) Should I enrol at uni and do a postgrad course? - can you work on a student visa part time and do uni part time?

    I guess at 25, childless, I am not overly thrilled about not being able to work and wonder if ther is any hope at all!! Would love any help. Love the forums and look forward to meeting people this way when we do finally move...

    Thanks so much!

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    >> do I have a chance?

    Absolutely. Hong Kong immigration (unlike most other countries) is actually pretty open to folks working in Hong Kong as long as they can find their legitimate niche and not displace locals.

    The holiday visa would be a sign of desperation.

    >> Can you work on a student visa part time

    Nope. You'll have a harder time finding prospective employers on a student visa.

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    On this subject - if you are an unmarried couple, is the best/only option to start with a visitors visa - which for me is 6 months ?

    Also, do employers generally help you get a working visa organised - or does it depend on your line of work?

    Thanks anyone for info on this repetitive subject!!


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    Thanks so much for your replies.. I guess I will play it by ear.