How to get a work visa/working under the table

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    How to get a work visa/working under the table


    I'm a CBC (Canadian born Chinese) currently living in Australia. I am interested in working in Hong Kong but I do not have a TESL/Bachelor of Education (for teaching ESL) or not in a professional job (i.e. lawyer, accountant). I would like to work in Hong Kong for several months (improve my Cantonese-I'm unable to read or write and my conversation speaking skills are okay but thus, I would like to improve). Unfortunately, Canadians are unable to obtain a working holiday visa (unlike Australians)

    MY questions are:

    a) How easy is it to get a job working under the table as a ESL teacher?
    b) How do I get a work permit (if possible) to work in Hong Kong?


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    Find another site to discuss "working under the table". Whatever that is ....

    Work permits can be got by getting an employer to sponsor you for one.

    Open a new thread if you have any specific questions about work visas...