Know more about schenzen visa.

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    Wink Know more about schenzen visa.

    Dear sir,

    I am going to hongkong on 1st of july and there i am staying for 8days and wanted to know that i get schenzen visa from hongkong, actually i am indian and there is no problem for getting 1 day visa for schenzen.

    Waiting for your response.


    Ravideep Singh

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    Hi, I would check before leaving for HK. Maybe it is easier to get them in your home country. Otherwise this is your top priority once you arrive in HK. It will take a bit of time to get them - the "queue" and the "wait" process for a day visa. You can ask for a rush process for extra fees. Hope this helps.

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    If you mean visa on border, then rules keep on changing, i was denied visa, i hold Indian passport and hk resident. As per my understanding after going though China consulate website, they dont accept visa applications from non-residents. So better you apply in India itself and get the visa.

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    no visa for Indian passport on Lo Wu border also, so get it from India before coming here if you have to go to mainland