Dependent Visa for Chinese from Mainland

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    Dependent Visa for Chinese from Mainland

    Hello all,

    Just curious, has anyone with a HKID RTL successfully been able to get a dependent visa for their wife from mainland china? My girlfriend is from Mainland China and we have been dating for over 2 years. We plan to get married in December in Hong Kong. I will then apply for a dependent visa for her so she can live with me in Hong Kong. I have been to the HK Government website and found the following information. It says that the entry arrangement does not apply for Chinese residents of the Mainland. If she is from Mainland, I am from Canada but with HKID RTL and we get married, how can I apply for a dependent visa for her to stay in Hong Kong with me?

    I. Introduction

    This guidebook sets out the entry arrangement for persons who wish to enter the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) for residence as dependants.

    2. This entry arrangement does not apply to:

    Chinese residents of the Mainland
    [except for those whose sponsors have been admitted to take up employment (as professionals, for investment to establish/join in business, or for training) or studies (in full-time undergraduate or post-graduate programmes in local degree-awarding institutions), or whose sponsors have been admitted as entrants under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme or the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme];
    former Mainland Chinese residents residing in Macao who have acquired residence in Macao through channels other than the One-way Permit Scheme; and
    nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba and Korea (Democratic People's Republic of).
    II. Eligibility Criteria

    3. For a sponsor who is a Hong Kong permanent resident or a resident who is not subject to a limit of stay (i.e. a resident with the right to land or on unconditional stay), the following dependants may apply to join him/her for residence in the HKSAR:

    his/her spouse;
    his/her unmarried dependent child under the age of 18; and
    his/her parent aged 60 or above.

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    As I understand it it's a problem unless she has permanent residence somewhere else. There is a small quota of mainland wives allowed to join HK Permanent Residents in HK each year. Unless you have connections (e.g. you are the ex-Financial Secretary) then I believe it is unlikely that your wife will be able to join you for a year or two at least.

    More details here:

    The quota for all family members entering HK from the Mainland is 60 per day.

    And we did sort of cover this the last time you asked!

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    Your wife will likely be waiting a long time before she gets allowed in. You might be just better off applying for Canadian PR for her and take her to Canada.

    It isn't a fair system, but it is how it is.

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