Chinese Nationality - Article 5

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    Chinese Nationality - Article 5

    Hi. Need some expert advice here.

    I am a HK citizen, working in Singapore for 10 years with a PR status (but not a Singaporean citizen).

    My wife is a Chinese Malaysian.

    Our baby was born in Singapore. She is not entitled to Singapore citizenship, but entitled to Malaysian citizenship if we apply for using the mother's Malaysian nationality.

    Can we apply for HKSAR passport for our baby? Article 5 stays that if the child has not acquired foreign nationality at birth, she is considered a Chinese national. In this case, if we do not apply and have not applied for Malaysian nationality for her, is she considered as having acquired foreign nationality at birth?

    What exactly does "has acquired foreign nationality" mean?? Does eligibility to apply for foreign nationality by either parents for the baby => has acquired foreign nationality at birth??

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    you may go to the hk immigration website and email them your question. they will respond in a day or two.