Applied for Dependent Visa more than 9 weeks ago - not heard anything...

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    Applied for Dependent Visa more than 9 weeks ago - not heard anything...

    Hi guys,

    I've just arrived in HK, my husband is a permanent HK PR and applied a dependent visa for me just over 10 weeks ago. We received a confirmation from customs to say that they have received the application about 9 weeks ago. It says on the website and on the reference letter that the process should take about 6-8 weeks. We've not heard anything from them since and we are tempted to chance it up. We were very careful to include all the necessary and relevant details and documents while we were applying so as not to delay the process any further and as far as we know, customs has not asked for anything extra from us. My husband has what we assume will be "sufficient" funds in his account and we got married in HK this time last year.

    Has anyone been in a similar situation? And is it worth chasing them? - My father-in-law is a customs officer in a different field but says that it's not worth rushing them because the immigration officers will just "make you wait a little longer" simply because you have rushed them(!) My urgency is that I'm eager to start work as a NET and I am getting restless!

    Many thanks for your help.

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    (Immigration and Customs are two separate things)

    With more than 8 weeks since the acknowledgement I think it's OK to go along to ImmD and ask if there is any further information you can offer to help them in their assessment. If your husband goes (either with or without you) that might be better than you going alone.