Rep Office/Branch Office - Employment Visa

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    Rep Office/Branch Office - Employment Visa

    How easy of a transition is it if my non-Hong Kong company were to:

    1. Set up a representative office first (to guage HK prospects)
    2. Rep offices sponsors me for an employment visa
    3. One/two years later, convert to a Branch Office
    4a. The Branch office would then sponsor me for another employment visa? or
    4b. Convert my employment visa from the Rep Office to Branch Office?

    Is step 3 an easy process?
    Is 4a or 4b correct?

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    Hello ABCD in HK!

    Did you get an answer to your above questions?
    One of my friend is in the same situation.

    Thank you in advance and good luck!


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    These are exactly the sort of questions that the InvestHK people are there to help you with.

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