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    Quote Originally Posted by dak712000:
    A Hong Kong BVI is a Hong Kong British Virgin Islands corporation.
    It allows us to operate Hold a Hong Kong Business Account.
    I have over the years and continue to trade though this account.
    I guess you mean a BVI company with a Hong Kong bank account? cause I have never heard of a "Hong Kong BVI corporation". HK and BVI are two different jurisdictions.

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    Self-employed and visa is kind of an oxymoron I think. You must meet their criteria including hiring locals and proving why you personally have such special skills that cannot be provided by a local person. Check the HK Immigration guidelines for a work investment visa. Oh, and you get one year to start and then they review your progress to determine it is not a sham and that you have met your business plan commitments. You can of course be self employed if you don't need that visa and are a dependent and say marry a local or however that works.