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Dependent visa for gay couples

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    We hope but "we" have not tried yet. Im dumb founded by the crass stupidity and insensitivity of the boorish expat dross that has washed up on these ugly shores. Paradise lost and all that. "We" the royal we can see why.

    Let that be a warning. Don't come here. Its full of American corporate slaves, who know no other loyalty than to some unknown company in Yankdom or other trying desperately to win that elusive contract in China, the cutting edge on their competitors. But believe me when I say, its no longer in their hands, each time they loose you must realise China grows stronger. Beijing is headquarters now for any sensible mother fcker. Not HK. No not any more.

    And let me tell you (ALMTY) they will hound you to the grave if you cant deliver even spread rumour of drug addiction if you can't. Yes I've seen it all its horribly dog eats dog. I will testify to any of this and more than triple its worth. You think you are safe in your stupid little jobs wait just wait. Lets start with the transport industry and work our way out ,out and forever out from this crap heap we all thought we loved as "Rotten harbour".

    If anyone is on their way to relieve me from this endless nightmare, god speed! And God speed!

    Its greed "without frontiers" that's all and nothing else at all. A wasteland to be pitied for ever ever after.

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    There speaks somebody who has never worked and relies on others to provide the dosh.

    Man cannot live on prose alone!

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    Question A trip down memory lane ...

    No? Then you throw the very spear that should pierce the heart of the likes of even Shakespeare himself thus rendering him voiceless to anyone and everyone.

    Yea blinded mute of fricking death and all its closeted lust for wealth, riches and hell.

    Is it so bad here? Yes, I know it is so and I may weep for others that also under its weight fail but fight I will without fear, that's something I learnt as a principle of democracy, intellectual honesty and principle.


    Its a miracle you have such

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