Can I marry my g/f after I move to HK?

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    Can I marry my g/f after I move to HK?


    I've been offered a job (and sponsorship) in HK. I'm not currently married to my partner so I was wondering I we need to be married before I apply for my work visa or can we do it afterward and then apply for her dependent status.

    She is a fully qualified PE teacher (teaching degree etc) BTW so if anyone knows what her job prospects would be like that would be helpful as well.


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    You can do it any time you want - your marital status has no impact on your application for an Employment Visa. She can come to HK as a visitor, and as soon as you are married she can apply for her Dependant Visa. Having said that, the amount of form filling and effort involved is a bit less if you do apply for both together (by being married before you apply). And, depending on your fiancee's nationality, she may have to do a few visa runs to renew her visitor's visa in the 2-3 months whilst the Dependant Visa is being processed.