Got an offer! Now applying for a visa!

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    Got an offer! Now applying for a visa!

    Hi all! After 3.5 months of searching, I got an offer and someone willing to sponsor my employment visa! More of a start-up environment so I'm submitting the application myself with some guidance from the founder. I just wanted to double-check with those of you who have applied in the past re: the correct procedures (as i noticed some discrepancies between what the founder advised and what was on the gov website).

    I am applying under GEP to work in Hong Kong. So these are the documents needed on my side right?

    - Application Form 990A w/photograph
    - Photocopy of passport w/latest entry stamp
    - Photocopy of academic records (I have my transcripts from undergrad but left my MBA diploma at home -- is this going to cause a delay?)

    - Are there other documents not listed that I should include just in case (e.g. CV)?

    And then after gathering the documents on the employer's side, I submit this in person to the following address (right?):

    Receipt and Despatch Unit, Immigration Department, 2/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

    THANKS for your help!!

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    >> - Are there other documents not listed that I should include just in case (e.g. CV)?

    Reference letters help too. Whatever you have, that proves your case should be submitted.

    I'd create a cover letter and outline each document being submitted too.

    See if you can submit a copy of your MBA - perhaps someone could scan and send to you?

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    My employer submitted my application recently (it was approved in 4 days from immigration's receipt of the application!). I had to give them copies of the following:

    Copies of all academic certificates from first degree onwards - MA, MSc, MRICS (my professional qualification)
    My CV
    Confirmation of previous employment letter from my last employer, confirming dates and job title.
    Photocopy of passport and latest entry stamp (though I was out of the country by the time they received the app.)
    Passport photo

    I didn't see my employer's part of the application, but I assume this also outlined what they had done to try to find a permanent resident for the role?