CIES and work visa extension

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    CIES and work visa extension

    I have a complicated question but need urgent assistance. I arrived sep 11 on a 4 month work visa for a local university (I am a teacher), exp Jan 11. On Nov 4, I applied for a resident visa under CIES (capital entrant scheme) and deposited all documents at Wanchai HQ. Their website states that application is processed within 4 to 6 weeks, so I expected positive decision by christmas. I received ref number on Nov 18.
    The university just issued me a new contract from Jan 12 for two years. Of course if my CIES application is accepted I do not need "another" work visa. But if it is still under process, I need to apply for an extension of stay under my current work visa. So I have 3 questions. Is the delay in CIES decision normal (it is 8 weeks now)? Should I wait till the last minute to get extension of stay under my original work visa, in case the CIES visa arrives? If I have an appointment with Immigration on Jan 11 to extend my work visa, would they do it on the spot?

    An answer to last question would be immensely useful (and the gov website for extension of stay is down). I tried to call the special phone number for CIES numerous times in numerous days but it has always been busy. Thanks

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    It's working for me, and it states that the processing time for extensions of work visas is 2 to 3 weeks.

    Why not just put the extension application in tomorrow with a covering letter explaining the situation with your CIES application?