Easy travel scheme?

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    Easy travel scheme?

    Hi everyone!

    I was searching for an application for HKSAR re-entry permit for my friend on HK government website when I saw that:

    "People who do not need an HKSAR Re-entry Permit:
    "Under the Easy Travel Scheme, holders of Hong Kong identity cards bearing "***", "*" or "R" symbol or locally issued Hong Kong permanent identity cards, who are aged 11 or above, can travel from Hong Kong to the Mainland and Macao SAR and vice versa without producing an HKSAR Re-entry Permit or other travel documents at any Hong Kong immigration control point. They are also not required to fill in any arrival card or departure card.""
    (GovHK: Eligibility for HKSAR Re-entry Permit)

    This is also on the application.

    My question is: What is the Easy Scheme Travel?


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    It's basically what it says, you can simply present your HKID card instead of typical travel document like a passport at the HK immigration control point.

    People with those statuses that don't have HKID cards (i.e. if they lost it) will need to use an appropriate travel document to clear immigration.

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    It refers to the e-channels where those HKID card holders use the electronic channels to exit and re-enter HK from Macao and from the mainland at Shenzhen. It works different at the airport.

    Example: Going to Macao on the ferry or helicopter prior to leaving HK you put your HKID at the first gate and if you are okay to exit, it opens and a few steps later you are asked to put your thumb print on the reader and that gate opens if there is a match and off you go to the ferry.

    If you go to Shenzhen, it is the same process.

    Then when you get to the Macao immigration or China immigration at Shenzhen it is different again if you are an expat vs Chinese nationals and those HKers with some sort of pass for China. If an expat like me you then present your passport and China visa and at Shenzhen I exit and enter on an entirely different floor than locals.

    I hope I got this right for you. If not someone will correct it.

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    As I understand it in these days of Smart ID cards the HK Re-entry permit is more or less obsolete, so I don't really understand why anyone would want one.

    I wonder if in fact the OP wants a Chinese "Home Return Permit"?