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    Q: I have just moved to Hong Kong from Canada. I have been transferred here for two years to work for my Canadian employer's Hong Kong operation. My girl friend has joined me here and I understand that she cannot get a dependent visa because we are not married. We have been living together for more than 6 years. What kind of visa can she get to allow us to remain together while I work in Hong Kong? We have no plans to marry any time soon.

    A: Defacto spouses are not able to secure Dependant Visas as the rules call for a legal marriage. Heterosexual live-in partners who are able to show a pre-existing co-habitation prior to coming to Hong Kong and who are prepared to undertake in writing that their relationship will eventually lead to a legal marriage are usually able to secure a Prolonged Visitor Visa to allow the non-Employment Visa holding partner to reside in Hong Kong with their defacto spouse. Couples who are formally engaged to be married are able to secure a Prolonged Visitor Visa to cover the period in Hong Kong which remains prior to completion of the legal formalities of the marriage. A Prolonged Visitor Visa, however, does not avail the holder of the right to work, start a business or take up a formal course of study.

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    Do you know how long a "Prolonged Visitor Visa" will allow me to stay take in the consideration that we planning to get married in the near future and have all the documents to proof that we been dating long before my bf move to hk?

    I recently received my visitor visa which allow me to stay for only 2 months. Can i go apply for extension once I get to HK? Should I apply for extension or a "Prolonged Visitor Visa" ? Thank you for all the helpful information