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    Work Visa

    Does anyone know if it's possible for my wife's company to sponsor me for a work visa, even if I'm not going to work for them?

    I guess my main question is are work visa's transferrable or are they only for a specific job?

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    I'm sure if they know the implications of breaking the law, and don't mind doing so, there is nothing that can stop them from applying for your work visa.

    Work visas have been generally transferable with much problem. Not sure how true that is in the current scenario.

    By the way, it will eventually catch up with you when you try to renew your visa and immigration finds out that your employer has not filed tax returns. Unlike the US, the various govt departments are interlinked and all files are indexed by your ID card.

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    I'm certainly not lookiing to break the law here, just wondering if it was possible...and trust me, she works for a LARGE MNC, they wouldn't be breaking any laws to get little old me a work visa.

    So I guess the next question is do I have to have a company sponsor my permit, or can I get one on my own? I'm sure that's possible, but how probable is it?

    thanks for the quick response.