Meeting Immigration

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    Meeting Immigration

    I am meeting with the Right Of Abode officer next week for them to verify my supporting documents. Also mentioned was "other formalities". Anyone been through this and can you tell me what it is?

    In the letter, they said the meeing will take approx 90 minutes! Will it be an interview?

    Any heads up would be grateful.


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    sounds like an interview where you show your original documents which they check with the photocopies you supplied in your application and then have your photo and prints recorded

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    went thru the same thing last week. as Orrock said, it's merely a formality to check all the originals of the documents you provided in your application.

    next, as long as all the paperwork is in order, you will have to make an appointment (mine was the same day) to get your mugshot and thumbprints taken.

    finally, you'll be issued with a piece of paper informing you that your status in HK is that you have ROA/ROL and you can pick up your brand spanking new ID card, in my case, in just over a week's time.

    does anyone know if having ROA means that i can go to china without having to get a visa as a british passport holder? or can i get this 'Return to HK stamp/card from China Travel Service? Also, if I was to work in China, does ROA have any affect with regards to work permits?


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    original docs


    Can someone please advise if you need to bring your original degree along with you to the interview used to view your original docs?? i have my original transcript here, but my original degree is in a frame all the way back home!


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    Are you going for an interview at the immigration? applying for visa?
    Do you have another copy with you?
    They asked for my high school certificate which was back in oz. But I got my brother to fax it to them. I assume a copy should be fine.. if you explain where the original is.


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    I guess it depends on the importance of the document in relation to the grounds on which ROA is being applied for. For the straightforward 7 years continuous residence case like mine, I had supplied income tax receipts and some bills etc, but the only originals I can remember them asking for were the passport and HKID which they needed anyway. Most of the time went on procedures (photo, thumbprint, temp letter, waiting), not "interview". Anyway they have full record of ins and outs fm HK, employment/dependent visa, and income tax records, so in essence there's little they need originals for.