Working & hanging in Central, crazy to move to discovery bay?

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    Working & hanging in Central, crazy to move to discovery bay?

    I'm currently living in Sheung Wan, working in Central, takes me 5-10mins bus to get to work everyday. Alternate weekends I have to travel to China, and when I'm in Hong Kong I spend my weekend drinking in Central / Causeway Bay / Wan Chai area. Costs me $18 taxi to get home from LKF.

    Thing is my apartment is super small. It's very nicely renovated and it's so small that it's not comfortable anymore. For the same amount of money, I can rent a place in Discovery Bay that is 3 times bigger. Plus I think there's a beach there ya? Is it nice?

    Looking at google map I already know it's crazy. But I am still very curious.

    Anyone else works in Central but lives in DB? How is the commute? How long does it take to get to/from work?

    ANd anyone else chills in the Central area but lives in DB? How is the commute After Hours? How much do you spend on travelling after hours?

    It's that beach that got me... Sometimes I just like to have some place nice for me to sit around stare at nothing and just do nothing but enjoy the surroundings. How is the beach and the environment in DB? How is the quality of living there? Is it worth the commute?

    A lot of my friends are telling me that most people who are used to living in the Central hk island area won't ever want to leave the hk island, and they strongly believe that I'll b*tch about the commute from DB in no time. Still I'm tempted by the beach and everything there.

    Is DB worth going the extra mile?

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    Short answer:

    Working in Central living in Disco Bay - Yes you can do it, the pier is right by IFC.

    HANGING OUT in Central most days and living in DB - More tricky, who likes taking a boat ride after drinking, not to mention walking all the way from LKF to the Pier tipsy and in such heat?