Area guide? Before I start looking for apartments...

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    When are you coming to HK?

    My friend is going to leave Hong Kong this summer but he rented a very nice flat which has a roof top in Wanchai near Hopewell Center. His contract is until early next year. He would like to find someone who would continue his contract. He already discussed with the landlord and he's ok with someone taking over the flat.

    It takes around 20 mins by MTR from Wanchai to Kowloon Tong for you. Wanchai is an area which is very convenient for you to meet people besides work. You can go out at night to LKF or Wanchai Bar area within a short period of time. if you are interested in the flat, I can send you the pictures. The rent is only HK$8500 per month. You can contact me through my e-mail: [email protected]

    The electricity is around HKD 400 a month during summer cause the air con is on. In winter, it is around HKD 300 a month. Water is around HKD150 a month, depends on how many showers you take a day.....

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    Erm.... just incase that was a general question and not just directed to OP

    I'm coming in September.

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