Good buildings in Sheung Wan?

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    Good buildings in Sheung Wan?

    Hi all...

    Just arrived the neighborhood a week ago and are currently looking into flat rentals in Sheung Wan as I heard the area is quite convenient and close to work (in Central).

    Anybody has any suggestions as to which buildings(with lift) are good choices? My budget is 10-15k (including utilities) for 0-2 bedrooms (400-500 sq ft).

    I walked past by Queen's Terrance over the weekend, looks quite decent...anybody lived/living there?

    appreciate any insight...!

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    My friend is going to leave Hong Kong this summer but he rented a very nice flat which has a roof top in Wanchai near Hopewell Center. His contract is until early next year. He would like to find someone who would continue his contract. He already discussed with the landlord and he's ok with someone taking over the flat.

    Would you also consider Wanchai? It is very convenient for you go to work. You can take bus No. 6, 66, 6X, 10 to go to work. They are very frequent all day long.

    if you are interested in the flat, I can send you the pictures. The rent is only HK$8500 per month. You can contact me through my e-mail: [email protected]

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    Queens Terrace has terrible space utilisation, and the bedrooms are quite tiny even by Hk standards. The building is nice and shiny, and it's conveniently position though.

    Other 'nice' buildings in the area are Hollywood Terrace, Manhattan-something on Queens Rd just before Cat Street. Center Point (out of your price range though).

    The Tung Wah buildings are good value, and very well maintained, but there are waitlists for over a year for most of them.

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    I lived in Rich View Terrace on Square St back in 2003-6 and liked the building. Great location, well loooked after, open views from the back flats. Rent back then was up to $9k I think so should be in your price range. There's even a tiny little swimming pool open for the summer months.

    Forgot to say, mine was $9000 for a 500 sqft 2 bed place.

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