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Good Place/Estate in Shatin

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    Good Place/Estate in Shatin


    I'm planning to move in to Shatin area since I'm working in Hong Kong Science Park.

    Can anyone give me an advice which is a good place/Estate to stay in Shatin Area. Budget, 8-12K ...

    Thanks ....


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    You might want to add how long you are willing to commute and what your priorities are. I would move to Tai Wai, which means 10 min on the MTR to University station and then the SP minibus. Load of estates, village houses etc. Nice environment, many restaurants, a few bars etc. If you rather live in a new high rise and prefer to go out in HK Island / Kowloon, then I suggest you look along the bus route 87K, maybe sunshine city or some of the neighbouring buildings. But very little in terms of food and drinks outside the malls....

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    if i want to look for a house in the area that you have suggested, how will you recommend that i go about doing it?