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Good advice. But am I right in thinking a solicitor can't do this without the preliminary S&P - albeit unsigned? Fully completed except for yours and the vendor's signature.

May have been just my solicitor...but giving him the address wasn't enough.

You can indeed ask the solicitor to do the search without signing the preliminary S&P. It's only a click of a button for them. Just tell them you're about to sign the prelim S&P for the property and like them to do due deligence. If you don't have previous relationship with the solicitor however, they may ask for a small fee should the transaction not go ahead. In fact, property agents provide title search for the clients to review BEFORE client signs the agreement also. Rule of thumb is not to commit on anything until you're completely satisfied with the status of the title search. In Apple67's case, I think he will need a solicitor right away because he needs someone to draft him a Prelim S&P, plus have to put the initial deposit in a trust account (and not directly to the vendor).