Serviced Apartment < $8000 Near Kwai Chung?

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    Serviced Apartment < $8000 Near Kwai Chung?


    First I want to thank all the expats here. Your advices have been very helpful.

    I am wondering what's the best choice for a serviced apartment less than $8000 per month for a job near Kwai Chung. I am hoping to get a place to stay for around five to six months (so I don't have to worry about getting furniture and stuff for now).

    The best looking one (on photo) is the Apex Horizon, but I read that one needs to book half a year in advance, and there's rarely any room for less than $8000.

    I don't mind having to travel for 20 - 35 minutes per trip, so perhaps there are better choices further away? Or is $8000 or less quite unrealistic? Most of the ones I found online cost more than $10000.


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    There are serviced apartments in tsuenwan, not far from kwai chung..its the place under ting kau bridge called royal view hotel but they have serviced apartments there as well my friend is staying there

    (they have a shuttle bus to MTR )

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