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    W Studios

    I am considering an apartment at W Studios for its location and price - around 5-7k / month at Sheung Wan. Any comments on whether its a good place to stay? Any experiences?

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    $6/7,000 is for their smaller rooms. These are real tiny, about 300 sqf. But these smaller rooms are newly renovated and have been done quite nicely. Before booking just check with them if the rooms is one of the renovated ones. The management there are very nice and very helpful although they can appear a little disorganised even when trying to book. Not really a problem you just have to stay on them and they won't get upset that you're chasing them. I would suggest booking one of their rooms for a month and when you get here look out for a place of your own. If you speak to Eric he can help with this also.

    Sheung Wan is great and W's location is very convenient to Central.

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    I'm also thinking of getting a place in that price range for the short term if I can't find a long term lease quickly enough.

    Where can I find more info about this place. Do they have a website?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idlespyder:
    Where can I find more info about this place. Do they have a website?

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    sai wan ho

    I'd second excited41's comments. Sunil, Eric and Eddie are decent guys and the location is ideal for your opening months in HK.