Manhattan Heights or 338 Apartments?

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    Manhattan Heights or 338 Apartments?

    Has anyone ever stayed in either of these serviced apartments? I think Manhattan heights is in Kennedy town and 338 Apartments is in central. Any pros/cons/opinions would be great as I am trying to decide between the two.

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    Hi Mano,

    Manhattan is a relatively big complex. Part of the building is serviced apartment and part of it is owned by individual owner.

    Pro for Manhattan:

    1. you may have a sea view
    2. they have gym and pool
    3. shuttle bus to IFC

    Cons for Manhattan:

    1. far from Central
    2. you are living with lot of other people
    3. the interior is a bit old

    Pro for 338

    1. Located in Shang Wan which is relatively closer to Central
    2. Close to MTR
    3. The whole building is a Serviced Apartment
    4. The interior design is cool

    Cons for 338

    1. No facilities
    2. No view
    3. Located at a busy old area which is a mix of res and com.

    Hope this helps

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    I say go for 338 apt.

    When I was looking for a serviced apt, I actually looked at many choices and although 338 Apartment does not have a great facilities like a gym or a pool, the apt's location is really ideal. It is away from all the hustle and bustle of Central but at the same time it is very easy to walk on over to LKF, SOHO, Midlevel, etc. It is located close to the tram, and their are tons of markets on both sides of the building, Wellcome and Park and Shop in addition to local chinese mom and pops restaurants.

    I looked at Manhattan Heights and I thought the furnishing was old and the room not as nice as 338. 338 definitely has a new feel to it..Anyhow,after looking around, I realized that 338 was a good deal and signed up for 1 year lease. If you have any further questions, let me know and i can try to help.