Service Apartments YWCA Lodge any good???

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    Service Apartments YWCA Lodge any good???

    OK - am I realistic to say that I can find a decent service apartment for less than $12000?

    Need a pad to hang out for abt a month until I find a place to rent & a job.

    Since the girlfriend is going to study @ Chinese U for a full term, we need to be closed to the KCR, without being too far from the city.

    Thinking of YWCA The Lodge in Kowloontong - has anyone stayed there before? Please give rating.

    Any other good service apt to recommend?



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    I'm new in Hong Kong, and I'll be moving to the YWCA Lodge next week.

    I've already visited the Lodge and it looks pretty good. The rooms are a little small, but the building is very quiet and the area is convenient.

    There's some information about it on the YWCA website:

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    you can get a service apartment for around 10,000 at horizon suite in ma on shan (not including maid service is around 8,000). i visited there once and thought the place was pretty nice. it's convenient and situated in a decent neighborhood.

    and ma on shan is only 10-15 minutes away from the chinese university by bus.

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    i, too, am goign to be staying at the YWCA lodge. i'm kind of nervous about it to be honest...

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    the YWCA rooms seem really small though dont they?
    like the one on Bonham street... the studio rooms are 142-164 sqf... isn't that like really small? and it doesnt include a kitchenette does it? cos am gonna b studyin at HKU and saw YWCA and thought yeh this place looks good and clean, but then really small and no kitchenette!! so hmm... i dunno...

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    Hello ennui, 10corsocomo,

    I'm also planning to stay in The Lodge YWCA, and hence, appreciate if you can share your stay experience and tips and tricks, if any.

    Thanks for sharing!