Moving Soon...

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    Moving Soon...

    I have more "official" information now than I've had before when I've posted so this should be good.

    I have accepted a job teaching in Yuen Long (about 13 minute walk from Yuen Long MTR station, according to Google Maps)! We'll likely be moving around the middle or end of September because we still need to wait for visas and other paperwork.

    We are looking at living in either Yuen Long itself (and I hear there is great food there), or in Tsuen Wan (west?) or Tuen Mun. Our budget is 10-15k.

    In Tsuen Wan, people have suggested the Royal View Hotel. It looks wonderful but I wrote to them and it seems that all but the studio apartment are out of of price range. So either the prices have skyrocketed or they're trying to trick me.

    In Yuen Long, we have looked at the Harbour Plaza Resort City. Does anyone know anything about this place?

    Our main area of interest is Tuen Mun because we love the idea of living near the water. We aren't so much interested in the Gold Coast itself because it seems to be a little out of our price range, but places around that would be nice. I know the Tuen Mun MTR station is not in walking distance to this area, but how are the buses... or is there a light rail. No one ever mentions these modes of transit so I'm curious about how efficient they are. Or are there any nice places to live closer to the MTR station in Tuen Mun?

    Basically, we are looking for a place with a resort feel. I know it would be hard to get a place with a pool opened year round, but that would be awesome. I want someplace where my commute wouldn't be dreadful (but I don't mind a bit of one) and is well connected to, at least, the West Rail Line.

    At this point, we're looking more into hotels or serviced/furnished apartments. We would rather not have the hassle of buying all our furniture or having to sign a 2 year rental agreement.

    Anyway, any opinion I can get on transit/hotels/flats would be great. Thanks

    P.S. We are still in Canada.

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    you would get a three bedroom apartment for your price range in the gold coast. The prices are always negotiable and even if sino are renting more expensively, there are lots of private landlords that will rent to you in your price range. We live here in a three bed apartment and our rent is $10,000 per month.