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>> We don't want to impress anyone, just want to find the "appropriate" size for our position and age.

Appropriate would then be something that you would enjoy and a place where you'd like to going back to and enjoy spending time in. Also look for a place where all your belongings would fit in.

Like JayKay says... you're not expected to entertain at home and no one at work will really care about where you live.

Now... the real question is, what sort of car do you plan on driving to work.
Best reply I have read on Geo in ages KIA!

As KIA says, whatever you deem appropriate. Short of a massive penthouse on The Peak people won't be that impressed by where you live. There are plenty of very nice apartments in different areas around HK - just find the one that makes you feel like it is home and you can't go wrong.

Now, about the car .....