The Sail at Victoria - opinions?

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    Smile The Sail at Victoria - opinions?

    I've visited the building during my numerous trips to HK in the past month (I'm about to relocate from Manila) and overall, have a very good impression of the place. Of course I'm only speaking in terms of the building's finishes and facilities - I'm not yet familiar enough with its location to decide whether it's the perfect condo or not.

    I'd really really appreciate anything you guys know about The Sail worth mentioning! Is it easy to access in terms of public transport? What's the surrounding area like (western most part of the island)? Do the common areas of the building have WiFi?

    Just so you guys know, I'm not working - I'm gonna be a student at a nearby international school (literally a 5 minute bike ride from The Sail).

    Any residents please feel free to recount your experience living there so far; again, I'd really appreciate your feedback!


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    dont woryy its the perfect place. i am familiar with that area.
    the building is located in a peaceful place with not much of crowd
    . jus a 5 min walk downhill there's wellcome supermarket , mcdonalds,and all sorts of restrruant and shops. there's 2 soccer pitch and a basketball pitch in the sea side of the building.
    public transport is really frequent- the bustop depot which is 2 or 3 blocks away downhill nxt to the sail is luckily the last bustop for most of the bus coming from happy valley, causeway,central , wanchai etc. and also the kowloon side. so u can jus go there or. there s also frequent minibus to central ferry pier which can stop infront of your. bulding. u study in the nearby int school, i guess its west island skul.u dont need to wake up early for skul coz their r tons of buses going that way, jus take any.


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    any issues (noise/smell etc) from the nearby transfer station/godowns ?

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    as farr as i know there is no smell from the nearby transfer staion bcoz the waste treatment factory is hidden inside the mountain.
    about the noise as the building is right infront of the road, thers wil be noises but it wont be frequent or it wont disturb u that much because its not a highway. So i guess u ll not be concerned with noise and smell.