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Sheung Wan Apartments

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    Talking Sheung Wan Apartments

    Hi All!

    I'm looking to move to HK and was told that Sheung Wan is quite an attractive location (given that you can walk to LKF and SOHO without the high cost of living).

    I've been looking around, and although the places are nice (not great), I'm finding a lot of places just don't do it. They are either too small or too old.
    A friend suggested serviced apartments, and while I know they are expensive and plentiful OUTSIDE of Sheung Wan, I prefer to stay in this area.

    Anybody know of any good ones (that offer more than just a box)?

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    Have you checked out Queens Terrace? Modern building good location, its not a service apt though.

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    My building is older but very well maintained and clean. Rents great. They have newer ones than this but I was happy with the first one I saw so I took it.

    8,000 for two BR at 463 sq ft - honest sq footage as it is larger than the 2 BR 504 sq ft one I was in in the Grand Waterfront in To Kwa Wan.

    Check out Tung Wah Hospital Properties - they have a website. No commissions and professional landlords. Three buildings right here on/off Po Yan, one just above Man Mo Temple on Bridges Street and I did not see it but they have one on Aberdeen that is newer but someone tells me they are more expensive than here and studios (NOT SURE OF THAT).

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    Sorry to go off topic, but why is a hospital in the business of residential property management? It makes me wonder about the quality of their medical services.

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    I should get a rent reduction for shamelessly shilling for these guys!

    One thing about TW leases. Your monthly income has to be 3x's your monthly lease payment and it is an application process.

    TWGHs / About Us

    Get your flat or warehouse, office or shop here:

    TWGHs / Properties

    Read all about it here. They have commercial properties, they have schools and as I think I read it they own the Man Mo Temple. This is a very old, historic entity that does community service.

    Medical & Health Services

    With 22 service units in total, including 5 hospitals (Tung Wah Hospital, Kwong Wah Hosiptal, Tung Wah Eastern Hospital, TWGHs Wong Tai Sin Hospital and TWGHs Fung Yiu King Hospital) with a total of 2,672 beds. In addition, there are 2 Chinese medicine general outpatient clinics, 5 Chinese medicine clinical centres, 2 integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment centres, an integrated health management centre, a Chinese medicine control centre, 2 well women clinics, 1 well men clinic, a computed tomography imaging centre, an out-reaching home care services for the elderly and a dental health centre for senior citizens.

    The medical and health services of Tung Wah aim at providing western and Chinese medical services to the community – free of charge for the needy, as well as expanding services which fall out of the current public health system to cater to the specific needs of the community.

    Education Services

    With 50 schools, including a Community College operated in partnership with The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 18 secondary schools, 14 primary schools, 15 kindergartens and 2 special schools.

    Community Services

    With 144 community services centres, including 43 elderly services centres, 43 youth and family services centres, 41 rehabilitation services centres and 17 traditional services centres.

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    Try Domus serviced apartments - they are not bad for space and apart from being brand newly built, they are cheaper than the rest.

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    You know where the airport is...

    Relatively new bldgs I know are Princeton Tower, there is also a new apt. bldg behind queen's terrace tower 1/2 (I think One Pacific Heights), Medal Court and other suggestions mentioned above

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    That hospital rental is very interesting, I remember my Aunt once rented something very similar in the 80s in Pok Fu Lam and the flats were enormous! And at that price, seems like a bargain...

    Was talking to people at Ovolo, they have a great one in Hollywood Road but I also saw Domus (the environment is more to my liking, I like that type of HK culture, dried seafood, community feel). But I don't want to lose that expat feel! Woe is me in deciding! lol