Where should I live???

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    Where should I live???

    I am coming next week to find an apartment and sort out schools. It is looking like my children will most likely attend HK Academy in Happy Valley(they have applied and spots are available-they will be assessed next week). My husband will work in Shatin. There is a slight chance of the kids attending school in Midlevels or Kowloon Tong as well, but less likely.

    We need a spacious apartment(family of 5 plus a DH) with decent amenities and a family atmosphere. We do not want a car.
    We would like to spend between 45-55k for an apt, but can be flexible. Ideally, we would like 1700-2000 square feet and 2 bathrooms. We enjoy walking to restaurants and would like to walk to school.

    Will we be able to find accomodation in Happy Valley? We do not want to live in an area with all expats as we want to have a mix of cultures. Any other areas or specific properties that you could suggest? We pay the equivalent of 25k HKD for our large house in the States and that is considered a lot in our area. I am simply shocked by these prices. I guess these "expat packeges" really inflate the prices for everyone else. It is kind of sick, actually.

    A playground would be quite nice, as I have a little one, who is very active and a pool would be great as my daughters and I love to swim. We do not want to join any "club", as they seem kind of exclusive. We have really shunned the whole country club thing here in the States, as it is kind of gross.

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    You will be hard pressed to find an area with only expats. So, don't worry about it. Happey Valley and surrounds are nice, expat friendly and you will definetly find something spacious by HK standards.

    However, it is a Looong way to Shatin.

    You might want to live closer to Admiralty (close enough to Happy Valley or mid-levels schools), so that the daily trek to Shatin doesn't become a major issue. Look at Kennedy Road, Mcdonnell Road areas.

    If you check the gohome website, you can check for "Central Mid Levels" as the location. However, that area also contains very expensive condos in Old Peak Road, May Road etc. So you will have to go through the listings in detail and look for addresses with Kennedy Road and/or McDonnell Road.

    Bamboo Grove on Kennedy Road maybe a good choice.

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    since your husband is working in shatin, maybe you would like to consider living there. on your budget, there are some really nice apartments near shatin college which has a small expat community. try looking at the le jardin development there. very nice, tranquil, lots of space to play and not too much traffic.
    try also fotan in shatin. large apartments, low rises and houses and a fair share of expats.
    another option for you would be hong lok yuen in tai po. quite a large expat community here and 45k a month would guarantee you a nice house.
    you could then check out 'renaissance college' in ma on shan which is a stones throw from shatin. i hear they have spaces available. they are also an esf (english schools foundation) school and offer the new ib (international baccalaureate) curriculum.
    because they are considered a fairly new school, they are not as populated as existing esf schools but i have come to learn from friends' kids that they are doing a really good job in educating the students.

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    oh by the way, if you want to look at luxury property in the shatin area, take the kcr train to fotan station, walk 5 minutes to the royal ascot complex and they have a handful of property agents located in the centre. they specifically market luxury properties in that area.
    hong kong is rather efficient and you could probably view most of them without a prior appointment.