How do you break a lease in HK?

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    How do you break a lease in HK?

    Very unfortunately the place in which I am currently living is not working out for me. I would like to move out and find another place, thus breaking my lease. Does anyone know the best way to do this? Reprecussions? Thanks so much for any advice! Angelica

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    If you can find some one to take over from you, then you should not have a problem convincing the landlord to transfer the lease

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    max you need to stay is 13 months (12 months fixed + 1 months notice). How long do you have left on your 1st section of the 2 year contract.

    You have a few choices but best to nego it with the landlord and try to come to a comprise.

    1. Offer the LL the deposits as a penelty
    2. Pay out the remaning months left on the fixed section of the contract.
    3. Do a runner after not paying the 2 months rent to deduct the deposit (This is very hard to get away with and the LL can come after you as they have your details and try to sue you for compensation but it will also cost them)
    4. As oldtimer said try to get someone to replace you but still needs the LL approval as they might not like the new tenants.

    Good Luck

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    depends whether you have a nice landlord or not. Some are decent enough and let you go without even taking your deposit. However, best to offer a tenant that you know of and give them a good reference. Or offer to pay for the agent's fee (they can find another tenant for the flat).