Tin Hau/Causeway bay

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    Red face Tin Hau/Causeway bay

    Can anyone tell me what it would be like for children living in this area. The rents seem better, more affordable, the further you get from Central in this direction but I am wondering if it is safe. I am looking at QuarryBay ESF school and am keen to find a 3 bed apartment within the catchment for the school.

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    I was looking at Happy Valley and Mid level but went to Victoria Park for a walk and found the area quite nice for me and my family. Especially Tin Hau side which is more quiet than CB.
    Any other people have opinions on this area?

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    Tin Hau, Braemar Hill

    If you're looking for a 3 br within range of Quarry Bay School, your best bets for a quiet neighborhood would be either Tin Hau or further up Braemar Hill. Take a look at apartment buildings on Cloudview Road as well. Skyscraper in particular comes to mind.

    I can assure you that it is completely safe, which you will find is true throughout most of HK. The area's extremely convenient as well.