high rise safety for toddlers

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    high rise safety for toddlers

    We are moving to HK and will live in a high rise rental with many windows and balconies. we have a girl of 18 months and are worried about her getting onto the balcony or out the windows... basically paranoid parents. do/can the apartments have safety locks for kids? is this a common concern given the number of high rises and young families on the island. thanks.

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    You (or your landlord) can have grills installed over your windows (ugly but effective), but I'm not sure what you can do about balcony doors short of locking them.

    Anyone else out there with ideas?

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    not aware of any safety locks, but the window gfrills are pretty standard in HK. They normally go across just the opening windows so aren't too bad. The fact that most places have them is an indication that there is potential danger there. The window levers here are very easy to open and don't take much strength. Thankfully most of our opening windows are way above a height that my kids can reach.

    Other than doing a thorough check of your flat to ensure the integrity of the windows, and training your children to stay away, I doubt there is much else that can be done.

    I have 2 kids and had the same concerns as yourself, so I don't think you are being over cautious.

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    We added locks to our windows, not as effective as the grills. And a lock to our balcony door. Speak to your landlord and see if he would be willing to add these for you. If not, a couple of members on Geobaby have used their own handyman for child-proofing their flat.

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    For new buildings, balcony comes with lock or double locks that are not easily opened by kids. Same, new buidling has window with a hook to avoid it fully opened. When the window is opened, the gap is only very small. That hook requires extra steps to remove but at the same time it is very safe when there is a fire. You can ask the management office to check out the "standard" for the building window and balcony if you need to add on such items. Hong Kong is full of hi-rise. This kind of considerations is not new.