Suggestions for family home? - 2 kids, max 20k p/m

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    Suggestions for family home? - 2 kids, max 20k p/m

    Hello All,
    We will arrive in HK in March/April and have a maximum budget of HK$20k p/m and two young children. Currently considering New Territories (i.e. Sai Kung, Clearwater Bay) and Lantau. Ideally we want somewhere quiet, 1500 sq ft or more, access to outdoors and if possible public transport. Also some concerns about access to kindergartens and health facilities.
    We would love to hear any suggestions regarding suitable areas that might fit the above description, plus useful contact details of websites, local agents etc. prepared to provide options other than highrise units for singles in mid levels.

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    How old are you kids? Know what school they'll be attending?

    From what we've seen with hundreds of expats .. the school choice usually ends up dictating where the parents live.

    Also, have you been to Hong Kong and looked at the locations you mentioned and the commute involved to both the schools and your workplace(s)?

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    Kids will be 4 and 6 months old respectively. We have found an ESF school in Clearwater Bay that can take the older of the two, so hence the early interest in CWB or Sai Kung. Commuting is obviously an issue - I will work in Central. I note you are in Pokfulam but doubt that there would be affordable within our requirement.

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    Also wondering about childcare. I understand that it usually takes about a month to get an ama sorted out. Are you aware of any agencies thast can supply part-time nannies as we will be in serviced accommodation on HK island for the first month and will need to get out and about.

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    >> childcare

    You'll get a much better set of opinions on GeoBaby.Com our site for baby expats... ...

    Might want to look through some older threads about clearwater bay.

    ( and come to mind)

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    Thanks, I'll check out the links

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    Temporary babysitters

    Hi vinachas...we just used Rentamum for a one-time, four hour, "need a night out" sitter for our two kids (5 and 4 months) and she was terrific and came on less than 24 hours notice. It was expensive but worth it given the convenience and level of care our girls received.

    Good luck on the apartment search!
    Here's the contact info...Shirley Robinson
    Tel: 2523 4868

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    baby sitters

    Hi WS and thanks for the info.

    I had heard of rent-a-mum and will probably need to bite the bullet and spend the money so that we can get out to enjoy some adult time. We give Shirley a call when we get to HK.