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    Dear Friends,

    I am thinking of moving to South Horizons from Mid December. I am still looking for places for rent. I have a small family - my wife and daughter (4months). My office is in central and I have to reach office by 8:30 pm. Would be grateful if you could kindly answer the following questions:

    - Which blocks/phases are better if you consider apartment condition, transporation and window views?
    - Which agency I should talk to? (I know midland, centaline and spledour in south horizon)
    - Ideally the apartment should be facing which side (south, east...)?
    - I have been asked around 15K by a few agencies for a 724/750 sft aparment in SH. Is the rent ok?

    I would gladly welcome further advice beyond the above questions.

    Best Regards

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    I just PM you some details. Pls check your inbox.

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    I lived in a company apartment in south horizons for 2 years and really liked it.
    Im moving back to hk in 1 month and would like to move back there.
    can anyone tell me what rent I should be paying for a 600 sft apartment with 2 bedrooms?

    I emailed an agent about an apartment in phase 4 with 2 bedrooms that was advertised at 11,000 pm and was told it was gone but she had some more expensive options available. she said the average price was around 13-14k which sounds expensive.
    also if anyone can recommend a good real estate agent?
    thanks in advance.