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The beauty of TheBrit methodology is that he will for sure be right because for sure one day or another prices will go down.

Then he will come on here and say: tada, told y'all
Prices probably will go down at some point, I believe they have a little in the last couple of months however there's no guarantee that this is a bubble and that it will burst i.e a serious crash. Prices could simply hover around this level for many years, they can certainly keep on going up and there's no doubt that they can crash.

It is true that it appears high at the moment and I personally have no interest in buying in this market however, I am not stupid enough to claim to know what is and what isn't. I realize I am simply guessing just the same as the person buying is doing. However I feel more secure by not putting too many eggs in the same basket which I feel I would be doing buying a property at the moment.