I am 23 year old student (male) from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and I am searching to share a flat on HK Island. I will arrive on the 3rd of February in HK and I am looking for a room with rental expenses around 5,000HKD. As I am doing an internship at a company in Central for 5 months, I would like to rent the room in the same time span,

I have an open and friendly personality which likes travelling, a clean room and a good night out in LKF or Soho in the weekend. If interested, I can give more background about me,

Please contact me if you have a room available,

Or if anyone have some tips? that would be much appreciated! Personally, I lived 8 months in Bangkok and there I found a beautiful service studio app for 2000 a 2500HKD (cuz currency was swinging) in less than an one hour! I am not used to difficulties here in HK, and especially it is difficult as I am not currently living there.....

Thanks for any reply!