Looking for Service Apartment 9k budget

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    For the person looking for the Horizon Service Apartment in Ma On Shen, I actually have an apartment scheduled there but probably wont' be using it due to family circumstances. We were scheduled to move there at the end of this month but might be returning to the US and not use it. It was such a shame too because we already paid the 1st months rent and now will have to pay the early termination before we even move there!

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    arrgh I really don't get why they won't let me pay the first month in cash. Even though I said I'll let them charge the down payment on the card. I am moving there so I wanted to cancel my credit cards here in the States. Also, do you guys know if the charge will also have a fee on the credit card. I heard it was like 3% which is like 360 dollars just from fees...

    I'm lost now and they said i have till noon today to answer. giving me only 1 day to think about it....

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