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The Repulse Bay serviced apartment - is it nice?

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    The Repulse Bay serviced apartment - is it nice?

    Hi there,

    I'm arriving in HK in 3 weeks time with my wife and 2 boys (3 and 1). I will be working at the ifc and my company will be providing me a serviced apartment for the first 1-2 months when we arrive.

    Apparently there are not too many 3 bedroom serviced apartments in HK (I'm guessing this may be skewed by which blocks the relocation agent gets a good rate from), but we have basically been told that we can stay at The Repulse Bay (in repulse bay..) or somewhere more central, but this will probably be a 2 bedroom (not ideal).

    Does anyone know:
    - the building or area?
    - if getting a 3 be dplace is that hard
    - any other useful tips re serviced apartments

    I'm also thinking forward to when we get our own place. Given the distance from Central of Repulse Bay, I'm thinking about Pokfulam (sp?) which was recommended. We'd be looking for somewhere prob on HK island at $50k per month tops, not super busy, with a combination of amenities and atmosphere.

    Thank you in advance

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    In HK we love to talk in sq ft so ask the agent the size to get a better idea.

    Both areas are good. RB more upmarket, Pokfulam is more residential with better connectivity to central (at least I think so)

    There are other nice areas between the two, so staying in a service apt at the RB is def a good idea.

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    The Repulse Bay is a very good choice. The block is family-oriented with good facilities for young children. Also directly below are two international kindergartens, a supermarket, a couple of up-market restaurants, bookstore and cafe plus a few different shops. The Repulse Bay beach is also within walking distance so it's perfect for your kids. As for transportation, there are at least four buses which I could think of that runs to the Exchange Square/ IFC. It should take about 40 mins during rush hour, which is not too bad because half the ride is scenic. The only thing is you may find the rooms at the Repulse Bay a little small, but you could always ask your agent for some pictures to check out first.

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