The Nest serviced apartments in Kowloon?

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    The Nest serviced apartments in Kowloon?

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm interested in knowing if anyone has recently stayed at The Nest in Mong Kok near Prince Edwards MTR station? I'm thinking about renting there for the summer while I am in HK for an internship and although the website looks nice, I can't seem to find very many reviews online. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!

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    have the same plan and would also like to know...

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    I'm also interested by this place.
    The only information i found on the forum was here :
    But it's almost a 1 year old thread.

    So if anyone has a more recent feedback, i would very much appreciate a comment.
    Anyway i will be in Hong Kong this week to look for a service apartment so i will go to visit this place and will try to give some update

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    Did you guys ever get any info about this place? I am looking for a place around Mong Kok, need a place by 1 Sept.

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    The Nest is not really serviced apartments but more of a guesthouse with common areas. Pictures on its website look nice, but it depends who the fellow guests are and whether they are sociable to live with.

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    Thumbs up The Nest - Accomodation in Hong Kong

    Hi Guys,
    Seems it was a long time since last post.
    I actually just spent few months at the Nest in Prince Edward (Kowloon). Very positive experience overall. I was feeling at home at the end in this area full of markets and restaurants. Good location and good monthly rates for having a private room with wifi, en-suite bathroom. The rooms are clean and the common area is quite huge for Hong Kong, especially the rooftop garden. Will go back next time.

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    Hong Kong

    Any photos to share? And what were the rates and room sizes?

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    The Nest HK

    Original Post Deleted

    Hey. True I am new to HK and to Geoexpat. Just in the process to come back to HK for good actually and I thought I would start my reviews on this forum with where I lived for a while and who hosted me for few months.
    Bottom-line is I just want to be helpful to readers and people on this forum, starting with this post.
    I guess you are right though on the fact I shall be more descriptive. Here is some more nuances and details about the nest (from my point of view and based on my own experience)

    the cons:
    - the stairs/ it is at the 4th floor without a lift
    - the first time you look for the place might be tough. google maps was not so precise on this one
    - serviced private rooms rather than a full serviced apartment as the kitchen and the living room with TV is shared but this translate in the price
    - you cannot order breakfast and you have to take care of your own food using the shared kitchen

    the pros:
    - to me, the value for money is there. I got a clean room in Hong Kong with en-suite bathroom and free wifi, not far away from the city center without thinking I was killing my savings. That has helped me.
    -Friendly staff
    -good location in a traditional part of HK. I felt I have had a genuine HK experience in this area, outside the regular expat spots of Wanchai and Soho/LKF.

    So , again, to me positive experience overall and this pleasant feeling I have made a good deal...

    Glad to help on this forum and on others. Will post pics as requested.

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    To be honest it's overpriced and you can get a better deal than that in prince Eward,jordon mong kok and Hung hom.

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