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Renting on Park Island

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    Quote Originally Posted by chateau:
    If you consider in HK the number of people who are, for example killed by cars each year in HK vs the number of people killed by a dog, it woudl probably make more sense to be a little more scared of cars than dogs. Yet most people are qutite comfortable with walking along, with cars driving by all around them, which makes you consider how irrational it is to have a fear of being attacked by dogs.

    In fact if you probably have a much higher chance of being attacked (raped, robbed, murdered etc) by a HUMAN in your life, than a dog doing something like this to you. FACT - people are MUCH more dangerous than dogs.

    Any person who has an irrational fear or discrimination of dogs should consider it from thisperspective...
    You certainly do bring views from a different perspective.

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    Ha ha. Well
    he does have a good point there!

    One good think about park
    island is that there are
    no wild stray dogs. The only dogs there seem
    cared for. And they have a few areas like a dog park and a dog beach for dog owners to take their dogs for a
    nice run

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    Mainly because your message hit a nerve in me when you lash out onto others about such small thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by HowardCoombs:
    Observation : there seems to be far more people afraid in Hong Kong than other major cities around the world.

    Speculation : Its due to upbringing and parents passing on fear to their kids.

    Conclusion : Need to get out and walk the dog this morning to see how many people jump out of the way.


    - I see people hide behind another thus they are afraid of dogs.
    - I see people walk to the other side of the road, so they must be afraid.
    - I don't see as many people in other countries doing the same, so they must not be afraid.


    - Fearing dogs are not healthy
    - It's a big deal people are afraid of dogs to a point it becomes a responsibility for parents to attend to it.
    - Kids are scared. Parents have most influence on children, so it must be the parents.
    - There is no difference in the behaviors of people around the world regardless of their nationality.
    - I get to think out stories in my head and it becomes real. Let me think of one now, how bout local parents drilling stories into kid's head?

    This type of fear is not healty and I believe it comes from parents drilling fearful stories into their kids heads. Such fear mongerng is irresponsible.

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