Where to live - Expecting 1st kid, working in Central and occasionally Shenzhen

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    Where to live - Expecting 1st kid, working in Central and occasionally Shenzhen

    My husband and I are moving to Hong Kong in July with his work and trying to decide where to live.

    We are expecting our first baby in September. My husband will be working sometimes at his office in Central, sometimes from home, but will also have to visit factories in Shenzhen up to a few times a week (his company get him a driver for this trip). When I go back to work it will probably be in Central also. I've had widely varying advice so far (Mid-levels Central, and Discovery Bay).

    His company have given us a housing allowance of 80-90K HKD/month. We are hoping for 3 bedrooms+, we like modern, and like having lots of amenities nearby (shops, restaurants etc). I guess kid-friendly things (parks, good kindergartens, etc) will become important when baby arrives too. And I would love to be somewhere with a decent population of expats (and young mothers) - doesn't matter where they're from! (he's American and I'm British).

    Would love any views or advice! Thanks a lot

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    Gold Coast Marina

    Gold Coast or Kowloon Tong. For the former you'd get what you want and have money to spare; for the latter you will pay more. The choice may depend on which side of Shenzhen he needs to travel to.

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    Thats a nice allowance. Yes, I think Gold Coast would be a good choice, although on that package, he could easily get a decent place closer to Central too.

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    GoldCoast it really depends WHERE in Shenzhen your husband has to go.

    I would advise more on Kowloon Tong here, it is MUCH faster than GC to go to Central and faster than GC as well in most cases to go to China

    and with 80K you can do very well in Kowloon Tong.

    Else Mid Levels is perfect for Central, a bit less for shenzhen but not that bad either

    I would advise against Disco Bay. Can't imagine how it would be to get to shenzhen from there.