Where to live in HK

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    Where to live in HK

    Hello, I'm moving to HK in August. Little Family two girls (teens 14, 15). I'll work inCentral and are requested to live on HK Island. Whats your recommendation according to the livingarea. My allowances is about 60,000 HKD. Like to find something near a good beach with possibilities for sport (gym, jogging, biking). Has anyone a suggestion?

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    Ahh beach-side with the allowance on Hong Kong Island maybe a stretch as most places I know of run in the HKD95,000 to 115,000 per month range but I am sure others on the forum can offer better advice and can prove me wrong.

    I would begin with considering and investigating different options. Did your employer offer or make any recommendations?

    Some suggestions are:

    Hong Kong Island: Tai Tam, Stanley and Kennedy Town

    Lantau Island: Discovery Bay is exactly what you described and is just a ferry ride away from Central (many who work in Central live here)

    Lamma Island is an outter island too but again many who work in Central live here and it is also what you described.

    Kowloon-side: The Gold Coast in Tuen Mun is also what you described bus 969 goes directly to Central or if you go by car it is a straight-ride.

    Kowloon-side: Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay these two locations also meet your description however, they are beautiful but in my opinion not so easy to get to Central on HK-island.

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    Try Repulse Bay (I think there are some posts about the 101 Repulse Bay apartments on here). You should be able to get a nice place there for around 60k and it is within walking distance of a beach. There are a few shops, places to eat and a grocery store close by and the area is nice and green. Its a little ways from Central (30 minute-ish), but not a bad commute, and there should be regular shuttles/ busses and of course cabs. You could also look further south (Stanley, Tai Tam, Shek'O) but the commute gets a bit longer. Stanley is a nice little community with a beach townish feel and some nice low rise condo type places, some of which should be in your price range. Good luck.

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    No beach, but you might want to consider Residence Bel Air. It's a housing complex by the sea and has good club facilities.

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    I'd like to thank you for your advice, I'll have to stay on HK Island so I'll try Repulse Bay and may be Stanley.