Young Couple working in Central

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    Young Couple working in Central

    We are a young couple who just moved to Hong Kong from NYC. We are both working in Central (Cheung Kong Center and Charter House). We have a 40k budget and our wishlist is a 2 bedroom (we are ok if the second bedroom barely fits a bed) new apartment with a nice fully fitted kitchen and ideally also a rooftop / terrace area. If we shoot for this, whats the best we could do in terms of location? Obviously if possible we'd like to be close to work and fun places to eat / drink etc., but realistic feedback would be very helpful to us.

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    If you are willing to deal with *small* (400-600sqft, 2br), then the budget should be enough for one of the new buildings in Star Street which would be walking distance and ammenities (pool etc) to boot.
    Rooftop -- thats a tough one as its mostly hit and miss with them. Since they are very highly sought after, you cant predict where and when they will come up at what price.

    The further out you go, the bigger you will get.


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    Just a note on apartments with rooftop access - the apartments tend to get extremely hot in summer (little to no insulation) and you will always run the additional risk of leaks.

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    You should be able to find something around Soho/Caine road for that budget as well.

    Agree with HC on the rooftops. I took my place mainly because it had internal access to a private rooftop, but:
    1) They're not easy to find
    2) You can't really use them all year round (either too hot or too wet)