cheap place to live for 2 months (or more)

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    cheap place to live for 2 months (or more)

    I'm looking for a cheap place to live for 2 months (though there's a possibility I might be staying for up to a year). I don't mind sharing, but prefer to share with another woman. I want a place that is less than HK$6000, and has furniture/internet, but am flexible other than that.

    I work in WanChai, so I have to be able to make the commute. Any advice on where to look? A flat-share would probably be ideal...but I'm really quite flexible. I need to move SOON though...

    I've been looking at GeoExpat and ExPatAsia, and perusing online forums...but finding cheap accomodations is really difficult. Any advice would be most welcome!

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    Hello Mpoli,

    Me too I am looking for a flat which is cheap, if you don't mind we can look together for a flat because me too I wanna live with another woman (nothing against you guys) with two bedrooms and share it ? Where are you now ? I mean are you in Hong Kong ?

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    Flat in Aberdeen

    If you consider a flat in Aberdeen. I've a 486 sq.ft, non-furnished 2-bedrm flat with a 200 sq.ft covered roof to lease in mid-June. Rent is $7.5K. There is no facility like pool or gym but only 15mins to go to the Deep Water Bay or Repulse Bay. It will be cheap if you twm share it. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested.

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    ^.^ .sliated erom teg ot detseretni er'uoy fi [email protected]lef ta liame a em dnes ,gnuK iaS ni talf a gnitner won m'I .etam-talf a rof gnikool m'I dna aicileF si eman ym ,ihih

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    1 bed room flat in Cheung Chau

    If you don't mind to travel by boat everyday. Cheung chau is a nice place to stay, no cars on the island, nice sea food, nice people. We have an apartment in Cheung Chau near the beach on 1st floor, basic furniture, HKD2800.00 per month. 350 sq feet, one bed room and living room.
    if your budget is 6000HKD, you still have 3200hkd for the travelling and other spending. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] then I can email you some pictures for your reference.
    But, the min. lease term is 1 year. What do you think?


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    hi guys...Am coming to HK with a friend for an internship at a lawfirm for 2 months (october - december)... We need a stay during this period. As we get no money for the traineeship, we are really looking into a cheap appt. for rent... Have looked for Caritas, where they have a dorm, but was wondering if you guys know any cheap places in Kowloon or Hk-island, as the lawfirm is in Central...