Empire studio, studio studio, and cozy studio

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    Smile Empire studio, studio studio, and cozy studio

    Hi, I am planning to go to HK and stay there for a month, so I am now looking for accommodation. (budget ~$7,000).

    i've searched the forums extensively, there are a lot positive as well as negative comments for both cozy studio and studio studio, I just wonder which one I should choose. Apart from the two studios I mentioned above, there is another studio called Empire studio, but there is only a few comments on it. I appreciate any first-hand information from people who've stayed at the above places, esp Empire studio. i hope that people who've stayed in them in the past could provide some feedback now as to how it was.

    thank you for your replies!

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    i did extensive research and ended up staying Kowloon-side in Jordan at The Lodge. new, quiet, nice view, convenient. around $9000 a month, originally i was looking for $7000 like you, but found this to be far superior to what others had to offer.

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    I want to share my experience during my previous stay at Empire Studio for those that are curious, in fact, I have referred several friends from overseas since my initial stay and they along with myself all felt it was very enjoyable and one of the best value for money in HK Island.

    My personal experience was that since it only had 12 units, you don't get many people (and visitors) stopping by and therefore it is very quiet. Plus since the studios are at a very high floor in the building (around the 15th floor I believe), that also contribute to the quiet surrounding. I found the management and staff to be very helpful from the start and all the way through my entire stay.

    The management is very responsive, they came within the same day to get a repairman to add more coolant to my aircon (when I felt that it was not operating correctly).

    The only downside is that there studios are always in demand plus so many of there existing tenants simply extend their leases and that makes the availability even less.

    I would recommend it to everyone and suggest you book in advance.