Where is best place to find flatmates?

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    Where is best place to find flatmates?

    Im looking to definately share a flat when I arrive in HK next month, and I would be staying for a least a year. I know there is a classifieds section for shared accommodation on this site but would this be the best place to look for shared flats? I mean would it be best to arrive in HK first then start looking?
    Any help on websites/newspapers which list flat shares would be appreciated!!
    Oh and I want to be around Wanchai/Mid Levels area and my budget would be around 6,000

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    I know several people who are trying to find flat shares but can't.

    Don't give up but it does take time I hear.

    You might try HK Magazine, it's published by Asia City company. It's a print magazine and very affordable to advertise in.

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    better still....do it HERE!!

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